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Terri Homegardner is an entrepreneur and owner of www.LakeErieGoods.com. She shares her ideas on ways to celebrate life with unique and colorful t-shirt designs.


November 7, 2020


They’re finally back! Our beloved Ohio State University Buckeyes. It seems like forever, especially with the delay in the season. But at last, the games begin!  I’m not sure we will get to see The Best Damn Band in the Land with their infamous script Ohio, but I know the creative spirit that lives within our team will find a way to keep those fight songs coming loud and clear during these trying times.

Rooting for your favorite team is an age-old pastime that never gets old. People have been doing it for years.  From honoring their teams with logo shirts and hoodies, to proudly waving bright flags and pennants displaying their school colors. Fans love the tailgating, the exciting cheers, and the seasonal hope that their very own team will be number one.


Ohio State Buckeye fans are a very unique breed. They thrive on celebrating their beloved Buckeyes. Our fans love to shout out “OH” and know to expect the accompanying reply of “IO.” Our fans are also boldly adept at spelling out “O-H-I-O” with flailing arms. Something a Buckeye fan never is though, is wishy washy. We’re all or nothing. Full in at all times. Dedicated and cocky. Go Bucs!


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Terri Homegardner is the owner of  www.LakeErieGoods.com.  Her t-shirt shop has a great selection of women’s shirts, men’s shirts, youth shirts, and toddler shirts. She specializes in couple’s shirts and family shirts, too. See her site for funny t-shirts, graphic t-shirts, and shirts with sayings, as well as made to order personalized t-shirts for every occasion.



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