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Season Your T-Shirt

Terri Homegardner is an entrepreneur and owner of She shares her ideas on ways to celebrate life with unique and colorful t-shirt designs.

September 1, 2020

Season Your T-Shirt

Season Your T-Shirt

One of the best things I discovered about how to promote my t-shirt shop was the use of the four seasons.  Granted, not all areas of the world have four seasons, but people travel to and from different climates all year long.  A potential buyer from New York may travel to Florida to enjoy a summery beach or a potential buyer from Florida may travel to Colorado to participate in their favorite wintery snow sport. Using the seasons to bring fresh items to your store is a way to attract more buyers as well as pump up the number of listings a potential buyer can see that will bring them to your shop.

When I first started my shop, I went with a lake life theme because I live on the north coast of Ohio right near Lake Erie.  Business started out slow, so I had to brainstorm some new ideas to increase traffic.  The first thing I did was to find some themes that would complement the lake life that I enjoy and try to bring to my shop. Since I sell t-shirts it was easy to start throwing some ideas around about what else to put on a t-shirt that people who enjoy the lake life and being outdoors would like.

I then came up with the idea to provide some cute t-shirts that are related to the seasons.  I opened my store in September so the first season I worked with was fall.  In addition to your typical Halloween or Thanksgiving themes, I listed some t-shirts related to fall. Fall is for football, fall is for pumpkin spice, fall is for the beautiful colors of the autumn leaves, all sorts of images that would look great on a t-shirt. 

Next came winter. So, right around the holidays I added snowmen t-shirts, winter wonderland t-shirts, a few t-shirts that warm the soul by reminding us of cozy fires and hot chocolate.  The same ideas can be applied to spring.  When we are getting our shops ready for Easter why not throw in some items that relate to spring, too.  Spring flowers, spring is the season of love, or spring fever.  And lastly, summer themes can be added around the same time you ready your shop for Memorial Day, summer love, summer nights or summer beaches. 

All these ideas can easily be incorporated into almost any kind of Shopify shop. Whether your passion is selling hats, mugs, baby clothes or jewelry there is a season that will add precious items to your store and keep you visible on Shopify all year long.  As people travel to and from the different climates to visit family, take vacations or even relocate, they can find an item for every season or climate right there in YOUR shop!


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Terri Homegardner is the owner of  Her t-shirt shop has a great selection of women’s shirts, men’s shirts, youth shirts, and toddler shirts. She specializes in couple's shirts and family shirts, too. See her site for funny t-shirts, graphic t-shirts, and shirts with sayings, as well as made to order personalized t-shirts for every occasion.



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