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Thankful and Blessed

Terri Homegardner is an entrepreneur and owner of She shares her ideas on ways to celebrate life with unique and colorful t-shirt designs.


November 15, 2020

Thankful and Blessed 

We’re all being told to stay home these days and to limit visits of all sorts. Now with the holidays coming up, we’re even being asked to limit family gatherings.  It’s so hard during these times to stay positive and focused.  We have to remember that our health is important. And so is the health of our friends and family.

During these upcoming holidays, try to lighten the mood with fun ideas and stay at home activities. Design you own t-shirt, hand paint a colorful design on an old hoodie, or frame a favorite vintage tank top to be remembered forever.

It’s also important to take the time to remember the good you can do as a person.  Check on elderly neighbors, offer to help someone in need, take a moment to reflect on the little things you can do to enhance someone else’s experience during these unprecedented times.  By doing this it not only helps to relieve your own stress and bring your focus back, but it helps take someone else’s mind off their troubles as well.

These days won’t last forever, things may change going forward but always remember that what you do today, can help yourself and others tomorrow. In the meantime, try to remain thankful and always remember you are blessed.

Thankful and Blessed


About the author:

Terri Homegardner is the owner of  Her t-shirt shop has a great selection of women’s shirts, men’s shirts, youth shirts, and toddler shirts. She specializes in couple’s shirts and family shirts, too. See her site for funny t-shirts, graphic t-shirts, and shirts with sayings, as well as made to order personalized t-shirts for every occasion.

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